What Is A Voided Check?

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What is a Voided Check

For instance, maybe you wanted to write a check out to a newly married couple and wrote the check out to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. This can actually be a bit of a problem for them when they go to deposit the check if the bank account they want to use for that check is only in Mrs. Johnson’s name. Ask your bank if they have instructions on how to set up direct deposit. I contacted PNC, which promptly contacted you and verified your story. You were told by PNC that the voided check was allowed to clear because all checks are now automated and simply run through machines.

To void a check that has been deposited, you should void it by manually creating a reversing journal entry. Voiding with a reversing journal entry – NetSuite voids the check. Then, records a journal entry with an opposite transaction amount to cancel out the general ledger impact of the check. The Void Transactions Using Reversing Journals box is checked. The current date is the correct date for recording voided checks.

The most common use for a voided check is to establish a direct deposit¹. If you’re going to receive payments from an employer electronically, you can send them a voided check, so they have all of your bank information. A voided check is a check that has VOID written on its front page. The check can be filled in or blank, but once you write VOID on it, it means that it is not valid and that it shouldn’t be accepted for payments. However, a voided check can still be used to gather information about a person’s bank details such as bank account number, routing number, and check number. This is the main reason why you should manage them carefully and keep them safe and out of reach. To properly void a check, make sure you use a pen, not a pencil.

With the rise of online banks, your checking account may not come with a supply of paper checks. If you don’t have access to paper checks that you can void and provide to your employer or a merchant who needs one, there are other ways to set up ACH transactions. Voided checks may also be necessary when setting up automatic bill payments, such as bill-pay for utilities or even automatic payments on a home or student loan. While many merchants and lenders can simply accept your banking institution information, voiding a blank check is often required. A voided check is one of the important concepts in the bank account structure. A person can void the check by simply writing the word ‘void’ across the front page of the check.

A voided check is usually only needed for your routing and bank account number, but both of those numbers also live on your deposit slip. Most tellers won’t cash a check that has been voided but there have been cases of voided checks that have been cashed. When sending a voided check, it’s best not to sign the check and to send only a photocopy or photo of the check.

Frequently Asked Questions About Voiding Checks

Some companies may require a voided check to set up direct deposit, while others may be able to work with you to find other alternatives. The main goal is to ensure your paychecks are going to What is a Voided Check the correct account. It’s wise to be cautious with your bank account information, so knowing the proper way to void a blank check could help you set up direct deposit safely and correctly.

Your employer asks you to provide a voided check so that the check cannot be used should it fall into the wrong hands. That’s why many employers are strict about requiring a voided check.

  • But because the check is void, they won’t be able to use the check to take money from your account.
  • Many banks, especially online banks, make it easy to open multiple savings accounts.
  • Some banks and credit unions will automatically send you a book of checks when you first open an account with them.
  • Depending upon your bank, you can find this information online, on your bank statements, on your checks , or you can go to a teller and ask for this information.
  • You can also set up direct deposit easily through the Current app and receive your paycheck up to two earlier than you might with a traditional checking account.
  • If you don’t have any checks, one of the simplest ways to get a voided check is to visit your local bank and request a counter check.

You’ll get a $200 bonus when you open an account and set up direct deposit. In the same vein, if the check you’ve made a mistake on is voided and someone comes across it, they can’t use it to fraudulently withdraw money from your account. Here is everything you need to know to void your first check. Or you can download a blank Direct Deposit/Automatic Payments Set-up Guide and fill in the information yourself. For accounts with checks, a diagram on the form shows you where you can find the information you’ll need. In a pinch, you might be able to provide a copy of a recent account statement. It will include your account number and the name of your bank.

Safely Send The Check

Typically, banks charge a fee of up to $35 for a stop payment request. If you’ve already sent a check, you can request a stop payment on a check if you’ve made an error or don’t want the payment to complete for another reason. For example, you could send a payment for a penny and then mark that check as void. Alternatively, you can use check printing software to print a check you can then mark as void.

Never again do you have to worry about finding your checkbook several times a month and firing off payment through the mail . Congratulations, you’ve generated your first voided check with CHECKPOINT! It has a special void watermark and doesn’t contain the MICR line on the preview. Typically, the design is similar to the standard document, but the voided one has the word “Void” written across the front side of the check.

  • Direct deposit is great because it usually means you get paid faster.
  • Once you have a void check, make sure to write it down and keep track of where it went in case you get confused later on.
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  • Another benefit is that many banks charge maintenance fees that can be waived if you set up direct deposit.
  • Voiding a check is easy but you should exercise some care if you need to void a check.

Direct deposit is great because it usually means you get paid faster. If you’re setting up multiple direct deposits or billing accounts, it may be helpful to create a copy of your voided check. Then, you don’t have to keep pulling checks from your checkbook. If you don’t have access to online banking, or just want to deal with a real person, phone up your bank directly. If requested soon enough, the check will not be debited from the payer’s account. The easiest way to void a check is to rip out the next check number from your checkbook, and then write “void” across the front in large letters.

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Before giving an employer a voided check, it can make sense to first make a copy of the check, so that you know how the check was used. In a computerized accounting system, there is usually https://www.bookstime.com/ a menu option for voiding a check, since this is a sufficiently common activity to warrant having its own routine. It can be used to get the information needed for electronic payments.

What is a Voided Check

A voided check is simply used for verification of your banking information. Keep records of your voided checks in your check register. Indicate that the check is voided in your checkbook, check register, or finance software. Often, a direct deposit authorization form is the first part of the process when getting set up with direct deposit through an employer or for other types of payments.

This check cannot be treated as a blank check and used to make any payments, but it can still provide relevant information about your bank account. Though we live in an age where most of our banking can be done digitally, there are some instances when you’ll be asked to provide your bank information using a blank check. And anyone who has ever written out a physical check knows that it’s possible to make a mistake. When you’re faced with either of these situations, you’re going to want to void the check in question.

Where Can I Find A Voided Check Or Bank Letter?

Generally, if “VOID” is written across a check, no matter how or where, it will be recognized as a voided check. Pull a blank check from your checkbook, making sure to note its official check number in your ledger as you do.

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  • There are several situations in which a voided check might be used.
  • The Wise batch payment tool is the faster, cheaper way for you to make multiple international money transfers.
  • Chime gives you transaction alerts and allows you to disable your Chime debit card, all right within the app.
  • Make sure you use a black or blue pen with permanent ink, and if you have a duplicate check, do the same for that copy.
  • The privacy practices of those third parties may differ from those of Chime.
  • Call your bank and ask them to cancel the check through a stop payment order—that blocks the check from being cashed.

It’s important that the letters cover the whole front part of the check but without covering the bank details on it. If you are voiding this check with a reversing journal entry, the Voiding Journal page appears. The Write Checks transaction issues a check to pay an expense or record a non-check transaction if you do not use Accounts Payable. For information about writing checks in NetSuite, see Writing Checks. The committee discloses the voided check on the same line the check was originally reported, in this case, on Schedule B, supporting Line 17. It includes the vendor’s address, date that the void is made, amount voided as a negative entry, and a clear purpose of disbursement, “Voided Payment – check not cashed.”

How To Get A Voided Check

By taking the right steps to void a check, you can help keep your bank information and money safe. Banking services provided by, and debit card issued by, The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A.; Members FDIC.

What is a Voided Check

If you don’t have any checks at hand, you can visit your bank’s nearest branch and ask for a counter check. The bank teller will have to print it out for you, so you could void it and use it as needed according to the instructions outlined here.

Use A Direct Deposit Authorization Form

If you don’t have paper checks, you can still enjoy the benefits of direct deposit. Many companies allow you to provide your banking details rather than submitting a voided check. A voided check has the word “void” written across the front. See whether a preprinted deposit slip for a checking or savings account is acceptable. In the summer, we received another notice that $330 was owed. My husband sent another check and, unfortunately, he also sent the original check with VOID written across the entire face. This was in an attempt to avoid a penalty and/or interest by showing he’d tried to pay once.

Reach out to your human resources department to ask which alternatives they offer. For example, they might accept a bank letter or a voided preprinted deposit slip as verification of your banking information. There’s no need to sign a voided check and it may be safer if you don’t.

Write VOID in large, noticeable letters across the payee line, payment amount box, and signature box, going over the text multiple times until the words are crystal clear. To avoid confusion down the road, record the voided check in your checkbook or online banking software. Voiding a check is as simple as writing “VOID” in large letters across the front of the check, but there are a few other things to keep in mind. Follow these three steps to get a properly voided check for setting up direct deposit or other automatic payments. Although the primary purpose of a check is to facilitate a money transaction, voided checks exist for several reasons. One group of motives derive from errors or changes in the transaction. For example, some information was wrongly written or the check is not needed any more because the transaction was cancelled.

  • But remember, time is really of the essence here, so it may be better to void the check over the phone—you know, with a real human being.
  • So you wrote a check and gave it or sent it, but now you need to cancel it.
  • If you give your employer a voided check, be sure to record it in your check register so that you can keep track of which check number was used.
  • In some cases, you can use a preprinted deposit slip to verify your banking information.
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  • If you’re among the 94% of American workers who prefer to receive their paychecks through direct deposit, you may need to give your employer a voided check to set things up.
  • The reason to stop the payment, for example you wrote the wrong amount on the check.

These numbers contain your bank’s routing number and your account number, both of which are needed for verification. Note the check in your checkbook or finance software, indicating that the check has been voided.

Some Helpful Links About Voiding Checks From Different Banks

Your voided check may also include your address and the name of the account owner, exactly as they’re listed with the banking institution. Knowing how to void a blank check can be useful in certain situations, such as when you want to set up direct deposit into your checking account. Voiding a check is simple, but needs to be done correctly to ensure that your bank account stays secure and that you avoid unnecessary fees when possible. You might need to use a voided check to set up an electronic link to your checking account. Most likely you’ll need to set up this link to get your paychecks through direct deposit, or to set up a recurring payment like your monthly bills.

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But we live in a modern world with new approaches ways to handle money. Check out these two apps that can help you get your direct deposits faster and without providing voided checks. Many banks, even if they don’t provide pre-voided checks, offer direct deposit forms. These forms are like pre-filled direct deposit forms that you can provide to your employer. They should suffice as proof of your checking account for your company. Learn how you can set up direct deposit without a voided check. Set up direct deposit or automatic bill payments, make sure the account number and routing number are still visible.

Everything You Need To Know About The Batch Payments Tool

You can sign up for alerts that notify you when a direct deposit is available in your account. Many banks, especially online banks, make it easy to open multiple savings accounts. If for whatever reason, you cannot or do not want to provide a voided check, you still have options. It’s very important that the payroll department send your paycheck to the proper place. If it winds up in the wrong account, it can be a huge headache to get the money back.


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